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8 Simple Steps to Leverage LinkedIn for Lead Gen

Today we’re going to discuss 8 quick strategies to better leverage your LinkedIn account for lead generation.

With over 400 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has brought the power of social media into the workplace in a big way, and as such can be a tremendously effective networking and lead generation tool. Don’t miss out…if you don’t have an account, start one today. Here are a few ideas to set you up for LinkedIn success.

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Should You Partner with a P&C Agent?

Today we are talking about the power of partnership, specifically developing joint marketing relationships with property and casualty agents.

It's easy to think selling as a solo effort …but the fact is you can learn a lot by studying successful partnerships. Whether real or fictional, great partnerships happen when each partner brings something unique to the equation …something the other partner needs … and together, they become greater than the sum of their parts, THINK:

  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
  • Ben and Jerry
  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin

So too, YOU bring something unique to your colleagues on the P&C side … and they to you. Trust is the foundation of most customers' relationship with their insurance agent … and if clients are happy, they will naturally turn their P&C agent when they have other insurance needs, such as group benefits. The problem is, for most P&C agents, group benefits plans are just too complicated to manage. They need to team up with a group benefits expert who can build on their clients' established trust and meet their needs with the same level of excellence. In other words…they need YOU!

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Leveraging the Power of You and Your Expertise

Leverage the Power of YOU

Today we’re going to talk about something you know better than anyone: YOU. That’s right…it’s time to leverage the power of you…your expertise, your unique knowledge and the trust you’ve built over time among friends, family and your community.

  1. Expertise
  2. Knowledge
  3. Relationships

Remember, the heart of a sale is building trust…your clients have a genuine feeling of comfort and respect for who you are personally and professionally. Your goal is to widen that circle by establishing yourself as a trusted source…a go-to expert that has answers.

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Make 2016 the Best Year Ever for Your Business

How do you build your business in 2016?

As 2016 approaches, we’ve been talking and -- more importantly -- listening to our clients. Despite the ongoing evolution of the benefits landscape, you’ve told us that HR360 has helped you land new business and meet the growing information demands of your clients. Congratulations on those wins; we’re honored to be part of your success.

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